The Goldfinch Room featuring Goldpine

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Through a chance encounter in Nashville back in 2006, Benjamin and Kassie Wilson were sure of each other from the start. “Kassie knew she was going to marry me from the first time she saw me…and she was right,” Ben gloats. Formerly known as My One and Only, the duo has reimagined their “southern-soul,” “curious-grit” and emotionally honest lyrics into Americana act, Goldpine. Having released their self-produced debut LP, One last year, they delivered their second full-length record, Two — last month (Sept 8).

After nearly a decade of honing in on their sound, and evolving their music, the name didn’t necessarily grow along with it. “We were called My One and Only for about 5 years,” the two explain. “Throughout those years we realized that the name was putting out a certain vibe, of the depth of the music, that was not quite accurate with where our style was heading.” Drawing inspiration from their roots, the name Goldpine signifies their past and their future; Kassie grew up on Pines Road in Alabama, so ‘pine’ represents the past and ‘gold’ is the lasting and valuable element that represents the future.

Goldpine returns with ‘Two’ and continues to waste no time showing what they stand for. Their lead single, “Do You Have Me,” showcases Kassie’s powerhouse of a voice. Starting out slow, the song cycles through a pattern of harmonious verses and a commanding chorus, ultimately building to an instrumental interlude of southern electric guitars and a rhythmic tambourine. “The song speaks to the hurt of a person inside a one-sided friendship,” explains Ben. “We all know that people can be involved in friendships for many different and opposing reasons. This particular friendship is coming to a head, after the realization that one person is only in it for themselves.”

The sophomore single of ‘Two’, “Thinking About Love,” features the steel guitar for a more country-leaning sound. “The song came to life over the last year, as I had really been pondering the true meaning of love in our lives. I have used the word love in so many different contexts, but I realized that many of those were selfish in nature,” Ben admits. “For instance, I’ll ‘love’ someone if they make me feel good…but honest love is when we act on behalf of someone else’s best interest, despite whether we get anything in return or not. I wanted to explore my distorted view of the definition of ‘love,’ and bring us all back to its original intention.”

Two is about real people and real situations, told through candid and passionate songwriting. “I want people to come away from this album and take an honest look at themselves,” Ben remarks. “An honest look at motives. An honest look at connections with other people. An honest look at tragic events that are happening throughout the world, and an honest look at how we use the time we’ve been given.” Exposing the pains of severed relationships and unearthing the pursuits of love and purpose, Goldpine is cathartic, moody, dissonant and relevant, all intertwined into one.

Touring since 2016, they have been lessening the gap between music and the audience by disclosing their stories behind the lyrics at every venue along the way. From Kerrville Folk Fest main stage and 30A Songwriters Festival to listening rooms throughout the United States, Ben and Kassie have been offering their own brand of raw Americana to audiences large and small. Having been recent winners of the 2022 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Contest at the Red Lodge Songwriter Festival, Goldpine continues to stay true to their vision from the beginning, and stands out while doing so. Presented the “Discovery Award” in 2018 by acclaimed music critic Robert K. Oermann (MusicRow Magazine), the duo’s bold harmonies are clearly a channel for their highly charged songwriting.

Although not in the bio, Ben was born in Carroll IA and raised in Council Bluffs and Oskaloosa IA.