All Stephens Auditorium patrons will undergo a visual search and bag check before entering the building for Performing Arts Series shows and contemporary shows. Some shows will require expanded security screening including wands.

Clear Bag Policy

The following items are approved for entry at Stephens Auditorium:

12″ x 6″ x 12″ Clear Tote Bag

9″ x 5″ Small Clutch/Purse (not clear)

One (1) Gallon Clear Plastic Bag

Security Measures

Please be prepared to open jackets, lift hats and lift pant legs. Waistbands may also be checked. Bag checks will be performed prior to tickets being scanned to enter the building. There will be a separate bag check line at each entrance before the ticket scanning checkpoints. Those patrons without bags will use a different line.

The following items are prohibited: firearms, knives, chains, studded bracelets, hard containers, laser pointers, professional cameras, hairspray, pepper spray, mace or any aerosol, and outside food and beverage. Patrons will be asked to return these items to their car. Patrons who refuse to follow security procedures will not be admitted into the show.

Please note that each show may have different security requirements. Ticket purchasers will receive a Performance and Parking Notes email prior to each show that will include specific security measures.

Questions? Email the Iowa State Center Ticket Office at