For Promoters

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Stephens Auditorium

  • Popular concerts
  • Stage plays
  • Symphonies
  • Dance performances
  • Broadway Musicals
  • Family shows
  • And many more

Fisher Theater

  • Host to Iowa State University Theater stage plays
  • Host to Iowa State University dance performances
  • Family Shows
  • And many more

Scheman Building

  • Conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Weddings
  • Social Gatherings

For facility availability, event cost estimates, and general booking information, contact 515-294-3347.

Stephens Auditorium, managed by VenuWorks, is the premier performing arts venue for Iowa State University, the City of Ames and Central Iowa. Stephens Auditorium is a full-service public assembly complex providing in-house stagehands, ushers, peer security, custodial, ticket offices, concessions and conversion staff, and ensures top-notch services for all tenants, clients and guests.

Stephens Auditorium provides the capacity for production of a diverse range of events.

Stephens Auditorium is available for rent to both university and non-university users. The venue will entertain a variety of rental arrangements, including straight rentals, co-promotion, and in-house promotion. Rental cost is organized as a fixed amount, either plus, or in lieu of, a percentage, which is determined by the type of sponsor, amount of admission charged, and the number of performances. In addition to rent, the sponsor is expected to pay all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the event.

Stephens Auditorium hosts and encourages a varied and comprehensive array of quality performing and visual arts, educational programs and entertainment for the University community and for residents of central Iowa reaching throughout the state and the region. By providing efficient, top quality facilities and services that are responsive to the individual event’s requirements, Stephens continually achieves the highest professional standards.