Accessibility Services

Stephens Auditorium

Stephens Auditorium offers ADA accessible seating options for all performances. Every effort is made to ensure each of our guests has an enjoyable experience. Please contact the Iowa State Center Ticket Office at (515) 294-2479 if you have any questions regarding the information below.

If sign language interpretation or captioning is required, we will arrange these services provided a request is made at least 21 days in advance. Guide dogs and service dogs are welcome. Headphones with infrared listening devices are available for use at no charge at the Guest Services Desk.


Wheelchair-Accessible Seating

Wheelchair-accessible seating is available for all performances in the following locations:

  • Main Floor-Right, Row 11, Seats 14-26
  • Main Floor-Right, Row 31, Seats 7-16
  • Main Floor-Left, Row 31, Seats 7-16


Limited Mobility Seating

Limited mobility seating is available for all performances in various locations that require only a few steps to access.



Free parking for guests with an ADA parking permit is available in Lot F, located west of Stephens Auditorium. Guests may enter through the southwest tower door with ramped access to seating in Row 11 or enter through north doors with an elevator (no steps) for seating in Row 31. Guests without a parking permit or after Lot F is full may be dropped off at the southwest tower door to enter without stairs.



Accessible bathrooms are located on the ground floor near the north entrance. From Row 31, bathrooms are accessed via elevator. From Row 11, bathrooms are accessed by exiting the building and reentering at the north doors. Ushers are available as needed to assist guests around the building.


Concessions and Merchandise

Concessions are typically located on the ground floor and main floor though these locations vary by show. Merchandise is typically located on the main floor. Ushers are available to assist guests to these areas.


Scheman Building

Designated parking for mobility-impaired guests is available in the front row of the parking lot north of the Scheman Building. Elevators are located in the lobbies of all levels.