Sponsorship Opportunities

The Arts are Good for Your Business!

The Performing Arts at Stephen Auditorium present a variety of artists, attractions and performances across a wide spectrum of genres. Performances attract audiences with a broad demographic range. Each year over 35,000 individuals attend performing arts series events at Stephens Auditorium.

Event Sponsorships offer the opportunity for businesses to support the performing arts in a manner that is mutually beneficial. Sponsorships include:

  •  Advertising Visibility – Build brand image and awareness
  •  Client Cultivation – Reach decision makers in a memorable, relaxed environment
  •  Business Development – Increase new customer acquisition and customer loyalty
  •  Employee Recruitment – Attract new employees
  •  Employee Hospitality – Generate positive employee morale
  •  Community Relations – Build strong community ties
  •  Shared Memorable Experiences – Create a special bond with fellow audience members

From the Broadway enthusiast to the serious music aficionado to the free-spirited dance fan, audiences for the Performing Arts Series are a diverse group. Your sponsorship will reach an audience with the following demographics:

•Adults: 65%; ISU students 20%; Youth 18 & under 15%
•48% Male; 52% Female
•53% have a household income of $75,000 or greater
•76% are married
•53% reside in Ames; 32% in Des Moines area including Ankeny
•85% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
•86% agree that ticket prices are a good value
•59% dine out a least once per week
•28% plan to purchase a car within two years


Sponsorship are available for the Performing Arts Series, Youth Matinee Series, The Nutcracker and the Donated Ticket Program for Human Service Agencies.

Performance Underwriting

The performing arts add meaning to our lives. They awaken our creativity. They give us insight and teach us how to connect with others. The task of creating programming for the performing arts that entertains, enlightens, educates and inspires us is our challenge. By becoming a donor to the Performing Arts Fund, you demonstrate your commitment to the performing arts and make it possible for others to have the transformative moment only these experiences can provide.

Performance Underwriters are a select group of individuals who believe in the value and importance of the performing arts. These individuals make it possible for the Iowa State Center to fulfill its mission of presenting great performances, educating the young and the almost young, creating shared and memorable experiences and building community. Donors who contribute $2,500 or more have the option of choosing a performance and be listed as Performance Underwriter for the selected performance.

For information about Sponsorships or Performance Underwriting contact Tammy Koolbeck at 515-294-8809 or via email at tkool@iastate.edu.