The Boy Who Cried Wolf – 10 am

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Silas is from a family of shepherds and has to do right by his mum and granddad as he reluctantly takes on the responsibility of watching their sheep up on the mountain over the winter. But he’s bored, lonely, and missing out on the fun of the annual knitting competition in town, so he cries – “Wolf!”  Written by playwright Mike Kenny and inspired by Aesop’s famous fable, this is a beautiful wintery tale about a boy who learns that “nobody believes a liar, even when they’re telling the truth”.  A gifted ensemble of actor musicians play instruments and sing live as they embody all the delightful characters, including hilarious sheep and perhaps a scary wolf or two… All set in a village of knitters with fingers flicking, needles clicking and where every new jumper tells a tale! Ultimately, Silas finds a place for himself (and his imagination) in his warm woolly community.