Marc Bailey at the Goldfinch Room

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Hailing from Bondurant, Iowa, Marc Bailey is a singer-songwriter who carries with him a vault of memories and experiences that can only be told through his songwriting. Marc brings an unmatched honesty to his performance and is quick to engage an audience in conversation – connecting the listener to a time and a place distinctly familiar, yet distinctly unique to all.

Marc will perform at the Goldfinch Room on the Stephens Auditorium stage on Saturday, February 6 at 7pm CST. Tables are available online and must be purchased in advance. Tables with seating for up to 4 people are available for $40 each. Tables are 8-10 feet apart. Livestream links are available for $10 for single and $20 for family.

Marc Bailey

More About Marc

After releasing his debut EP “True to Life” in 2019 on Ames based Nova Labs Records, Marc crisscrossed the Midwest promoting, playing and gathering experiences to shape his newly released album “The Art of Detox”. The new album showcases a leap in songwriting and arrangement that highlight a maturing vocal performance. The songs were born from the need to rid your life of toxic thoughts, things, people, behaviors, beliefs, etc. that slowly chip away at us.

Check out Marc on Facebook, Soundcloud, and his website.