Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

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Curriculum Connections: History, Language Arts, Biography, Multi-Cultural, Music, Self-Esteem, Women’s Studies

Suggested grade levels: 3-8

This stirring drama, an accurate and deeply moving musical history lesson, is a classic tribute to the courageous brave American who freed herself and hundreds of others from the bonds of slavery.

As her story unfolds we learn of Harriet’s early years in slavery, her escape to freedom, and her time as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, a lifeline for slaves escaping to freedom. The North wins the war bringing emancipation to the slaves, but that does not end Harriet’s struggle for freedom as she continues fighting for everyone who suffers inequality.

Click here for a study guide: https://www.center.iastate.edu/files/2018/05/VirginiaRep_Harriet_Tubman_studyguide.pdf