Ticket Exchange / Transfer Policy

Ticket Exchange*
Ticket Exchange is defined as any change to a purchased ticket whether the ticket is switched for another Performing Arts Series show or returned for account credit.

The following ticket exchange privileges will apply to all who subscribe to the 2017-2018 Performing Arts Series (PAS) packages which include: Broadway, World View and/or Create Your Own.

Ticket Exchange Policies:
One 2017-2018 PAS show (including all tickets purchased for that show) may be exchanged for another show or account credit free of charge.
– Additional exchanges will be allowed and incur transaction fees of $5 per ticket.
– Account credits may be used to purchase tickets for any PAS show in the 2017-2018 season.
– Exchanges must be completed at least 24 hours before the performance by visiting, calling or emailing the Ticket Office.

Season subscribers may carry a maximum of $150 in accounts credits from tickets exchanged into the next season. Any amount above $150 will be automatically transferred to the Stephens Performing Arts Fund as a 2018 calendar year donation in the subscriber’s name.
*Policies apply to donors under the $1,200 level and subscribers.

Ticket Transfer
Ticket Transfer is defined as a transmission of a ticket to another person with no money being exchanged.

Ticket Transfer Policies:
– There is no limit to the number of ticket transfers for package subscribers.
– Ticket transfers are complimentary when completed through Account Manager.
– Ticket transfers will incur a transaction fee of $5 per ticket when completed through the Ticket Office.

For additional information about Account Manager or to set up your Account Manager profile, please contact the ticket office at 515-294-2479.