2016-17 Season at Stephens


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to buy the Broadway package but I want to go to some of the Broadway shows? Will I get a discount?

If you are a Create Your Own Series or World View Series subscribers, you will be able to purchase tickets to the Broadway shows before the shows go on sale to the general public. You can purchase Broadway tickets when you submit the rest of your Series Ticket Order Form by completing a separate Broadway Tickets Order Form available by clicking the previous yellow links, online at www.center.iastate.edu/subscribe/ or by calling Sara Compton at 515-294-7389. The only discounts available for the Broadway shows is to purchase the Broadway Season.


Can I add tickets to my Broadway Series and World View Music Series subscriptions?

Yes you can add tickets to your Broadway Series or World View Music Series subscription. Additional tickets purchased for the Broadway Series are eligible for a 20% discount and additional tickets purchased for the World View Music Series are eligible for a 25% discount.


Will I have the same seats for each of the Broadway shows?


Yes, Broadway subscribers will keep the same seats for each show. For the multiple shows of Chicago and Annie – subscribers will receive tickets to the Friday, February 27 performance of Chicago and the April 1 evening performance of Annie. You may exchange your tickets and add tickets to your purchase for any of the other Chicago/Annie performances by marking it on your order form with a note, by e-mailing Sara Compton at scompton@iastate.edu or by calling Sara at 515-294-7389.


Will I have the same seats for each of the World View Music shows?

Yes, World View Music subscribers will keep the same seats for each show.


What do I get if I subscribe by the early bird deadline on May 13?

All early bird subscriber HOUSEHOLDS will receive a voucher for 2 tickets to one of the following shows: Havana Cuba All-Stars, Close to You: Music of the Carpenters, Slapstick Sonata, National Symphony of Ukraine or Semi-Toned. These tickets are for price level B and can be upgraded to a higher price level.


If I subscribe to the Broadway Series or World View Music Series and want to add other shows, do I get the 10% or 15% discount?

Broadway and World View Music Series subscribers are eligible for the 15% discount on any other shows whether you select one additional show or more.


Will I be able to exchange my tickets like I have been able to do in the past?

Subscribers will have the ability to exchange tickets if travel plans or health reasons preclude you from attending an event. As in the past, ticket exchanges must be requested at least 24 hours in advance by calling the Ticket Office at 515-294-2479, by emailing ticketoffice@iastate.edu or returning the tickets by mail to Iowa State Center Ticket Office, Iowa State Center, 1805 Center Drive, Ames, IA 50011. Tickets must be received in the ticket office by the day of the show. Otherwise, we will be unable to exchange the tickets. Also, ticket exchanges will only occur within the series that you have purchased. For example, you may exchange a ticket from Under the Streetlamp for Annie but cannot exchange for Cirque Holidaze because Under the Streetlamp is in the Broadway Series but not in the Create Your Own Series. Exchanges must occur in the season the ticket was purchased. If you need to exchange tickets for the last show of the season (Annie for Broadway – Semi-Toned for Create Your Own/World View), then the exchanged tickets’ dollar amount will be put into your account to be credited to next season’s purchase. Gift certificates will no longer be given out. The exchanged ticket monies will be held in your subscriber account. If you are a Series Subscriber and a Performing Arts fund donor of $300 or higher, you are able to exchange your tickets for any show within the Broadway Series, World View Music Series and Create Your Own Series.


Click here for Ticket Exchange Guidelines.


What are my subscriber benefits?

Subscribers are offered the lowest prices by purchasing series tickets and priority seating. Subscribers also receive notice of all ticketed upcoming events at Stephens Auditorium and have the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public with artist approval. Lost ticket replacement for free plus the ability to exchange tickets within the guidelines of our ticket exchange program.