Goldfinch on the Lawn: Sean Michael Sullivan and Sean Thomas Sullivan

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Sean Michael Sullivan

Growing up with mandolins and guitars in the basement of his split-level home in Cumming, Iowa, Sean Michael Sullivan was immersed in bluegrass and folk music from the day he was born. Sean wrote his first song when he was 12 years old and remembers recording it and playing it back on his father’s Hi8 tape deck. Sullivan has loved writing, recording and performing music since the first day he picked up one of his father’s guitars and finds comfort in the ability to reflect his emotions and experiences through written lyrics and chord progressions. Sean recently moved back to Iowa after living in Florida for 11 years and has released five singles since he has moved back to Iowa.

Sean Thomas Sullivan

Sean Michael’s father, Sean Thomas Sullivan, is a well-established musician in the Des Moines area, and plays mandolin and sings in Black Dirt Ramblers. Sullivan’s high tenor vocals and incredible ability to establish harmony is one of his trademarks. He plays mandolin and mandola – and has been playing mandolin since his mother and father bought him his first mandolins at farm sales and auctions when he was a child. He is the host to several local musicians at his ‘Gilded Palace of Sin’ – his back-garage, musical sanctuary – named for The Flying Burrito Brothers’ influential 1969 debut album.

Tickets are $10 at the door.